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The importance of life insurance for your family

If you are thinking of starting a family in the near future, let Bryan Insurance Agency LLC help. We are proud to serve the insurance needs of our friends and neighbors in the New Windsor, NY community. We understand how important financial stability is, especially for young families. Let us help you find the protection that’s right for your needs.

Protect your family with life insurance

When you are a parent of young children, you can spend time worrying about how their futures would unfold if something should happen to you or your spouse. Having a robust life insurance policy in place is one way to lessen those fears. When you have the protection you need, you can focus on the here and now and worry less about the future.

In the event that the main-earning spouse dies, a life insurance policy can provide the stability that the remaining family members will need more than ever. Two of the main benefits of having the right policy is that the funds can help your family remain in your home and not have to move. When children are dealing with the death of a parent, having to move and change schools can make an already heartbreaking situation even worse. Life insurance can help you plan for the worst-case scenario while keeping your family focused on the present.

We are here to help you

The entire team at Bryan Insurance Agency LLC is dedicated to meeting the insurance needs of the New Windsor, NY community. If you would like to learn more about the life insurance policy options that are available in our area, call or stop by our office today.

How often should you change your oil?

Vehicle maintenance is an important part of responsible ownership, and the team at Bryan Insurance Agency LLC is here to help. If you are in the greater New Windsor, NY community, let us help you keep your car protected! We understand how important reliable transportation is to our customers.

How often should you change your oil?

All vehicles are different, as are today’s oil products. Timing for oil changes can vary, especially if synthetic oils are used. Generally speaking, you should have your oil changed every 3,000 miles or every 3 months, whichever comes first.

Some factors to consider when scheduling the frequency of your oil changes are the number of miles that you drive as well as the driving conditions that you experience. Someone who drives their vehicle to work every day in stop-and-go traffic will have different needs than a person who drives their vehicle mainly on the highway.

Whichever camp you find yourself in, it is important to keep your car properly maintained and serviced. Another way to protect your vehicle is having the right insurance coverage. This protection can help you keep your vehicle on the road in the event of an accident or another mishap that takes your car out of commission. 

Contact our team today and learn more about the vehicle policy options that are available in our area. 

Protect your car with the right auto insurance policy

Bryan Insurance Agency LLC is here for the New Windsor, NY community. If you would like to find out more about the insurance policy options available to protect your vehicle, call or stop by our office today! We look forward to working with you!

How to make your home a safer place to live

Home safety is important for your peace of mind. Home should be a sanctuary where you are safe and secure. That requires that you take a few simple steps to make sure you really are safe in your home. At Bryan Insurance Agency LLC  in New Windsor, NY, we have been in business since 2004 and we are a full-service independent insurance agency. We work for our customers and make sure they are happy with their insurance experience. 

Do Home Maintenance

Making your home safe is as simple as making sure to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors twice a year. Making sure to clean your chimney if you use your fireplace is also important. Your furnace needs to be cleaned or serviced once a year to work at maximum efficiency. 

Clean Out The Clutter

One of the most dangerous things about your home is fall hazards. Never put things on your stairs that can cause a fall. Keep hallways clear of clutter and make sure that the lighting is adequate, especially at night. That means putting in some night lights. 

Get a Home Security System

These days, a home security system can be a simple DIY project. You can monitor your home with your cellphone no matter where you are. Whether it is a doorbell camera or other cameras positioned on the exterior of your home, you can always know who is outside your door. 

Lock Your Door and Windows

It sounds like such a simple thing, but it is one that people forget to do, especially the windows. It is important that the locks be engaged. With a slider, they have a special bar lock. 

When you are ready to make your home safe with home insurance, Bryan Insurance Agency LLC  in New Windsor, NY is here to provide the information you need. 

Life Insurance Ins and Outs

Whether you’re young or old, life insurance is important to think about at every stage of life. While no one enjoys thinking about when they might pass, if something horrible would happen to you today, your loved ones could be in for a lot of trouble. Life insurance is not something you get for yourself, but you get for your loved ones to give them the option to mourn without additional financial worries.

As life insurance is a difficult topic, our agents are trained to go through life insurance options with you at your pace. You can contact Bryan Insurance Agency LLC in New Windsor, NY to go over life insurance quotes.

Funeral Costs and Debt

Depending on where you live and what you want, funeral costs can cost thousands, in many cases costing over 10 thousand dollars. Your loved ones will have to find a way to pay for this, and life insurance usually covers these costs in full.

If you have any debt, it won’t be automatically paid off when you die. You can ensure your debt under life insurance so that your loved ones don’t inherit it from you, and can pay it off.

Payment Plans

Did you know that the cheaper you consider life insurance, the cheaper the payments are? Getting life insurance when you are older means the insurance needs to be paid for a shorter period of time, so the earlier you consider your life insurance options, the better.
Bryan Insurance Agency LLC in New Windsor, NY provides people with several quote options. If you call us,  we will run through your options with you, leaving no stone unturned. 

What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

Commercial insurance is a type of insurance that is designed to protect businesses, business owners, and their employees from financial loss in the event of an incident covered by the commercial insurance policy. It helps to pay the costs of lawsuits, property damage, vandalism, fire, and other covered losses. Commercial insurance comes in many sizes and shapes because there are many types of businesses. 

What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

There is no single policy that would protect against all business risks. There are different types of commercial insurance that protect against different threats to businesses.

In general, standard commercial insurance covers risks that are associated with the following: 

  • Property. It helps cover the cost of repairing and replacing the property. 
  • Employees. Commercial insurance can help in such situations as an employee is hurt on the job, an employee sues a company for discrimination and others. 
  • Motor vehicles used for business purposes. There is special commercial insurance designed for vehicles used for commercial purposes. 
  • Customers and clients. It helps to manage the risk presented by clients and customers. For example, commercial insurance will pay for immediate medical expenses and lawsuit costs if you are sued by a customer or client. 

Bryan Insurance Agency LLC serving New Windsor, NY – We Will Help Get The Right Coverage

If you are a business owner, you probably understand how important commercial insurance is. If you run your business in New Windsor, NY or any other surrounding area, and you are thinking of getting proper commercial insurance, contact Bryan Insurance Agency LLC. Our professional insurance agents will help you find a policy addressing your personal and commercial needs. 

Reasons you may want to increase your liability coverage

Liability coverage is just one part of your home insurance coverage. It protects you from people who might get injured while visiting your home or by family members away from your home. It also gives protection if that injury leads to legal action against you. How much liability is needed to give you full protection needs to be reassessed from time to time. At Bryan Insurance Agency LLC in New Windsor, NY, we are a full-service independent insurance agency in business since 2004. 

The minimum amount of liability insurance that most home policies have is $100,000. Today it is recommended that $300,000 to $500,000 is a more appropriate amount. Especially if you have assets like investments or property, making sure you have enough to protect that amount is vital. An umbrella policy is also a good option if you have an increased amount of risk.

Having a dog

Having a dog increases your liability. Depending on the kind of dog that you choose and the dog’s history, you may find a big increase in your premium. In some cases, you may even find that your dog will not be covered by your insurance due to the breed or its aggressive behavior. 

Pool or hot tub

Having a pool or a hot tub is great for entertaining. Having guests is always somewhat of a risk, but when you add a pool or hot tub, the risk rises exponentially. Make sure that you follow all the local rules about fencing and making your pool a safe place.


Trampolines are very popular but they are also very dangerous and many children are injured every year. If someone is visiting and is injured on your trampoline, you could find yourself with lots of medical bills and even being sued. 

Contact Bryan Insurance Agency LLC in New Windsor, NY for all your home insurance needs. 

Do You Need Collision and Comprehensive Auto Insurance in New York

When you are purchasing New York auto insurance, you want to be sure that you are covered for the mandatory requirements, and also in the event of an accident. In New York, auto insurance that you must have includes property damage liability, no-fault personal injury protection, and uninsured motorist protection.

These coverages are to protect other parties and cover other parties if you are in an accident. If you want your damages to be covered in an accident, you’ll want comprehensive and collision coverage as well. 

At Bryan Insurance Agency LLC, we want New Windsor, NY residents to have everything they need to feel covered when they are driving. We can help you to design the auto insurance policy that you need.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance is coverage that will pay you when there is damage to your car due to an event beyond your control. This coverage is for every kind of damage that would occur that is not related to a collision.

If you have weather damage, theft, animal problems, vandalism, or a problem like something accidentally falling on your car, comprehensive insurance can cover you.

Collision Insurance

Where your minimum requirements will cover other parties in the event of an accident, collision insurance will cover. This includes collisions with vehicles, property damage to your car, and even coverage if you rent a car.

Get a Quote

When you are looking for auto insurance in New York, it is a common question to wonder if you need collision and comprehensive. It’s never a bad idea. At Bryan Insurance Agency LLC, we want New Windsor, NY residents to feel covered for every potential problem when they are driving. Call us for a quote today.

The Benefits of Whole Life Insurance

There are different types of life insurance out there for different insurance needs. One type is called whole life. This is a popular choice because it comes with a number of useful benefits to the policy holder. If you are interested in whole life insurance, call us at Bryan Insurance Agency LLC in New Windsor, NY. 

Why It’s Called Whole Life

One of the biggest benefits of this kind of insurance is that it literally covers you for the rest of your life as long as you keep paying the premiums. Term life is insurance that lasts a set term, but the whole life can’t be canceled by the insurance company as long as you are paying as agreed. Many people like this arrangement because they don’t want to have to shop for life insurance again down the road a few years. 

It Builds Value

Another difference between whole life and other insurance types is that you do own a portion of the amount. As you keep your whole life policy and keep making payments, it begins to develop a cash value. This is money that you can borrow against if you have a financial emergency. The policy will keep building value as you keep paying the premiums. Many people like to have this cash in reserve in case they do need to borrow money quickly someday. When the amount is borrowed against your cash value, it is a loan that is paid back over time. If the policyholder were to die before the full amount is paid back, the outstanding amount will be deducted from the death benefit.

Get Your Whole Life Policy

If you are interested in this type of life insurance, contact us today at Bryan Insurance Agency LLC in New Windsor, NY to learn more about it.

What type of life insurance is right for me?

There are always going to be important insurance decisions to make for those in the New Windsor, NY area. As you are evaluating your insurance needs and options, life insurance is an important one to consider. This is a valuable form of coverage that has various options to consider, the two most common of which are term and whole life. You should consider the features of each to figure out which is ideal for your situation. 

Term Life Coverage

A form of insurance that is ideal for many people is term life insurance. When you get this coverage, you can build an insurance plan that is designed for your needs. This includes picking a plan that has a certain level of protection for a specific period of time. An advantage of this life insurance option is that the premiums tend to be affordable when compared to other types of life insurance.

Whole Life Coverage

You can also consider getting a whole life insurance plan. With this insurance, you can have coverage for as long as you want it if you continue to make your monthly payments on time. While premiums are higher, there is an investment benefit as well. With whole life coverage, some of your payments each month will accrue in an account with interest. Eventually, you are able to move funds out of this account and use them for any purpose that you want. 

As you are looking for a new life insurance plan in the New Windsor, NY area, it would be a good idea to call Bryan Insurance Agency LLC. If you do speak with Bryan Insurance Agency LLC, you can learn a lot about the different insurance options at your disposal. They can ensure you build a plan that will give you the right protection. 

Who needs to have a commercial insurance plan?

When you are in the New Windsor, NY area and start a small business, you must be properly prepared and organized. An important part of any new business formation is choosing the right insurance plan. You will need to have a commercial insurance policy for a few important reasons. 

Business with Insurance Obligations

A situation that will require many business owners to have a commercial insurance plan is if they have specific insurance needs. It is very common for businesses to enter into loan agreements, commercial rental leases, and investor equity partnership contracts. Due to the value that comes with this insurance, these agreements will almost always require the business to maintain proper insurance coverage at all times. 

Businesses Looking for Necessary Protections

A business will also need to have a commercial insurance plan if they are looking for protections necessary to cover the company against various negative situations. Today, a business may need to have commercial insurance to ensure that their business assets are covered and offset liability risk. Ultimately, one of these plans can keep a business solvent and help them avoid serious losses if a situation results in damage to a key asset or if they are named in a liability claim. 

When you live in the New Windsor, NY area and are looking to grow and develop your business, you should reach out to the Bryan Insurance Agency LLC team. Choosing commercial insurance is a major decision that you should not take lightly. When you call Bryan Insurance Agency LLC, you will get the support that is needed to fully understand your options and needs. They can then offer any support needed to choose the right plan for your situation.