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Understanding Auto Insurance in New York

Auto insurance for vehicle owners and drivers is mandatory in the state of New York. More specifically, liability coverage as part of auto insurance is required. If this coverage is not maintained, the DMV can suspend your vehicle registration. The other serious consequence of having adequate insurance coverage is having to pay large amounts of bills due to vehicle accidents or repair. Even if you don’t use the vehicle, as long as your vehicle’s registration is valid, you need to maintain an auto insurance policy.

Another requirement is that you need to acquire your insurance policy from a registered company licensed by the New York State Department of Financial Services and certified by the New York State DMV. Any out of state insurance is not going to be acceptable. There can be one or two names on the vehicle registration. The insurance policy must be on the same name as the vehicle registration and the documents to prove insurance should be available in the vehicle at all times. In case you have insurance, but your car is not registered, you have 180 days from the effective date on your insurance ID card.

The state of New York requires you to have a certain minimum limit for property damage, bodily injuries, and death. Your local insurance agent should be able to guide you to a policy that meets these requirements. It is highly recommended that you get in touch with a registered and reputed insurance agency to get your insurance policy. Bryan Insurance Agency, LLC, serving New Windsor, NY, is one such agency that can guide you on choosing the best-personalized insurance policy for you. You can find all the contact information on our website. The agents at Bryan Insurance Agency, LLC, serving New Windsor, NY, are ready to help you get a quote and find you a policy.