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At What Age Should I Start Thinking About Purchasing Life Insurance?

While no one likes discussing life insurance, it’s a topic that must be addressed and planned for. Most people think that you should be around 40 or 50 to start thinking about purchasing a life insurance policy, but is this true? At what age should you start considering buying life insurance as a New Windsor, NY resident (or anywhere else)?

It’s Never Too Soon

You’re never too young to start thinking about purchasing life insurance. Some parents even have life insurance for their children, like a "grow-up" plan. These plans mature with the child but can also be used if the unfortunate happens early. So, if you’re young and just starting in the workforce, purchasing a good life insurance policy is not a bad idea. Many companies will even provide up to a certain amount of life insurance while allowing you to purchase more. 

Rates Are Lowest For Young People

There are advantages to purchasing a life insurance policy while you’re young. One definite plus is that rates are the lowest for young people, so the sooner you obtain a policy, the less you’ll pay. Some prices are locked in, so rates won’t increase with age, but this depends on the company and the type of life insurance. 

No one can ever predict when they might die. An unexpected illness or accident could occur at any time, which is why there is no specific age at which a person should purchase life insurance. Call us at Bryan Insurance Agency LLC if you’re looking for a new insurance agency. We cover the New Windsor, NY area in addition to others. You won’t be disappointed by contacting us because, at Bryan Insurance Agency LLC, we focus on providing the best customer service as well as supreme coverage.