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5 Tips to Winterize Your Car

When the weather drops to freezing temperatures, it is crucial to winterize your vehicle to ensure that you minimize the risk of anything wrong happening. When you need assistance with any of your insurance needs, contact Bryan Insurance Agency, LLC with your questions.

1. Consider Snow Tires

Although snow tires are an additional expense, they can create more stable and safe driving conditions. Since snow tires can lead to decreased MPG, you should only put on snow tires during the harshest winter months.

2. Check Your Fluids

Whether it be your oil, antifreeze, or windshield washer fluid, all levels must be completely topped off. While this should already be a component of the routine maintenance done on your vehicle, it is even more important in the winter when car problems can mean getting stranded.

3. Flush the Heater

To prepare for the colder weather, take your car to a trusted mechanic in New Windsor, NY to have the heater flushed, which refers to the cleaning of the heater core tubes. Flushing the heater allows it to operate more efficiently and provide hotter air sooner on cold days. 

4. Pack an Emergency Kit

If there is even the smallest chance that you will be stranded, you’ll want to be prepared. Leave a survival bag in your vehicle that includes items like first aid supplies, a charger for your phone, flashlights, blankets, and snacks for an overnight on the highway.

5. Check Your Tire Tread

If you are not planning to put winter tires on your car, then make sure that the tires have plenty of tread on them because this helps ensure stability and traction on icy roads.

When it comes to your auto needs, don’t trust your insurance with just anyone. Visit Bryan Insurance Agency, LLC serving New Windsor, NY, and let us help you.