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Why basic auto insurance may not be the right coverage

Basic auto insurance is what is required by the state of New York to drive legally. It is up to the driver and their insurance agent to make sure they have what they need. Our independent insurance agents at Bryan Insurance Agency LLC in New Windsor, NY, will ensure that you have what is required and what you personally need. 

Basic insurance in New York

Basic auto insurance in New York is liability coverage. It protects other drivers from you. What you must have is 25/50/10. This is $25,000 for one injured person in a single accident, $50,000 for all the injuries in an accident, and $10,000 for property damage. As you can see, these are very minimal figures. If injuries are severe and the vehicle damage is serious, you could find yourself very short of adequate coverage. 

Auto loan or lease?

If you have a vehicle loan or are leasing, you cannot get away with basic auto insurance. You will have to protect the vehicle, not just other drivers. That means having collision and comprehensive coverage. 

Need your vehicle daily?

If you are like most people and count on your vehicle to get to your job, run errands, and get around daily, protecting others and not your vehicle isn’t truly an option. You need to ensure that your vehicle will be repaired or replaced if you have an accident, and you are responsible. This means having collision and comprehensive with a reasonable deductible and maybe full glass coverage and maybe gap coverage as well. 

Contact our Bryan Insurance Agency LLC office in New Windsor, NY, to discuss your auto insurance today. We will make sure you are legal and well covered.