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  When the fall and winter months approach, many of us start turning up their thermostats. Heating bills can become very large if homeowners do not take steps to make their heating systems as efficient as possible. The following tips are helpful for lowering heating bills during the winter: READ MORE >>

Can you believe that we are still getting snow in March? I know come March in New York, when it is still snowing it can feel like it might never end. But while spring is hopefully just around the corner, we still have some ice dams that we have to contend with on our roofs. READ MORE >>

Getting ready to move soon?  Here’s what you need to know about your home and auto insurance!  Auto Insurance Changes Your auto insurance rates are based on the zip code you currently reside in which means that moving can affect your rates!  READ MORE >>

Spring is known for it’s unpredictable weather. One minute it’s warm and sunny like this week here in New York, and the next it’s dark and stormy. There might even be a few cold and icy days thrown in here and there. The silver lining to the cloud? READ MORE >>

Thanksgiving has almost arrived. This is the time of year when we sit back and reflect on all the things that we are thankful for. What immediately comes to mind? For most of us its things like our family, our home, and our good health. And guess what they have in common? All of these things are what insurance protects! READ MORE >>

Whether you’ve spent a lifetime acquiring a world-class collection, inherited family heirlooms or simply purchased objects to decorate a home, the condition of each piece will impact its financial worth.   Surprisingly, most art-related losses are caused by circumstances that are under your control to manage (or avoid). READ MORE >>

Every month, we share easy tasks you can do to keep you home in tip-top shape all year long.  So here are a few tasks you can take on in November! CO & Smoke Detectors  - I’m sure you already have heard us tell you that when its time to “Fall Behind” with our clocks, its also a great time to replace the batteries in your CO & smoke detectors. READ MORE >>

Every month, we share easy tasks you can do to keep your home in tip-top shape all year long.  So here are a few simple tasks you can do in September to prepare your home for cool fall weather! 1.)  Check Gutters -  Take a few minutes to make sure your gutters are clear. READ MORE >>

It happened. You had a claim. This one was not fixable on your own and you had to call your agent or company to put the claim in. Now what?   Claims can be a stressful process.  I've worked with my clients after car accidents, home fires, storm damage, and even a death in the family. READ MORE >>

Going home for the holidays is an exciting time, but it's even more of an event when you're bringing a new little one to spend time with the family. New parents quickly realize that babies need a lot of stuff. A car-seat, high chair, swing, crib and activity seat are all necessities that you can't do without, even for just a few days. READ MORE >>

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